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Doggy Boggy Super Durable All Natural Organic Dog Toys

100% Organic Hemp Product
The home of safe and natural 100% hemp dog toys.
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An Eco-Friendly Product
Made in the USA 100% ORGANIC HEMP


Would you chew on a piece of polyester, nylon or heavily processed and dyed cotton fabric purchased from your local craft store? Probably not so why give it to your pet? The material we use is certified organic hemp grown in Romania that is processed without chemicals or pesticides of any kind.

The all natural hemp rope and canvas used in our products comes from bast fibers of the Cannabis sativa plants cultivated for industrial (non-drug) use. Virtually indestructible hemp ropes and fabrics have always been valued for their natural strength and weather-resistance (they are completely impervious to sun, rain, sea water, and rough use). Industrial hemp is NOT marijuana!

Hemp provides a natural alternative to heavily processed and dyed material typically found in commercial dog toys. Because hemp material is basically made from a plant dogs love to chew on it and the natural flossing action of hemp rope promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Made in the USA

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